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About Dr. G.S Thind MBBS, M.S., M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)

logo Board certification by the "Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)" is 6 years of surgical training following MBBS, medical school. It includes 3 years of residency in General surgery (from prestigious institute of india ) and another 3 years of Plastic surgery residency training. M.Ch in Plastic surgery is the heighest degree worldwide to do a Hair Transplant. Dr. Thind has 15 years of experian as General Surgeon and 10 years of experian as Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon & Hair transplant surgeon.

Dr. G.S Thind, belongs to a prestigious family of doctors in Punjab, is one of the finest hair transplant doctors in India. With extensive experience in doing over 5000 hair transplant sessions for over 10 years in treating both local and international patients. Dr. G.S Thind has emerged as a name of repute in the field of hair transplant surgery. This makes Divine Aesthetic Clinic an optimum choice for anyone looking to seek quality service and results in hair transplant.

Dr. G.S Thind is one of the renowned surgeons in North India known for his contributions in the micro surgical hair transplantation that helps to treat hair loss. He is based at Divine Aesthetic Clinic, which is a modern setup equipped with sophisticated technology and amicable staff for optimised FUE Hair Transplant results and patient comfort.

Dr. G.S Thind has a viewpoint that only addition of hair on the scalp is not enough to achieve the right look, rather it is imperative that a strategic redistribution be achieved. He lays stress on harvesting the grafts from donor areas that have stable hair growth. These donor areas are basically the back and sides of the scalp which make a perfect implantation source to the bald areas of frontal head and crown.

He has extensive experience in creating zigzag pattern hairline that looks and feels perfectly natural.

Dr. G.S Thind specializes in hair transplantation backed by his background as a board certified plastic surgeon with national and international trainings in FUE hair transplant and aesthetic surgeries. With his qualification and broad experience in the field, he artistically creates natural and undetectable results that last for a lifetime.

Dr. G.S Thind also specializes in Beard reconstruction, Mustache reconstruction, Eyebrow reconstruction and Eye lashes reconstructions by Latest FUE Hair transplant technique.

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